Merchants 2019

Alden Park -Food and Refreshments

This year our food and refreshments will be catered by Alden Park Food Truck ( we will do our best to have a variety of foods available but we recommend if you have any food aversions or allergies to please bring your own sustenance )


Alchemy is mostly housebroken and lives on a diet of eggs, beans, green veggies and cookies. Members of the pride become irritable if their stuff is cleaned up, they run out of E6000 or miss a great fabric sale. Alchemy can usually be found skulking around cons, pagan gatherings and renaissance fairs in New England and New York . They are known for their spectacular display of sterling silver jewelry, extensive herbal apothecary and whimsical handmade items. Beware, they are VERY shy.

Amber Raven Circle

Wiccan crafts, handmade crafts used for meditation, shamanic journeying, altar decoration and spell crafting. We carry spell kits, totems paintings and animal knit plushies.

Cashlin’s Creations

Cashlin’s Creations is a “Celtic eclectic” home for bead crafts, paper crafts, leather crafts, and home accents to make your craft that much more magical. All are handmade. All are one-of-a-kind. You make the magic. You wear the magic. Purple-themed and user-friendly, our display encourages shoppers to touch, try on, and experiment with the jewelry. The stones, shells, pearls, and glass combine to enhance the mood and intentions of magical folk and mundanes alike. Sending one’s intentions to those far afield is easier with our assortment of handmade cards, and keeping one’s thoughts and dreams in mind is all the more effective with our journals. Leather crafts such as bracelets, bracers, and jewel-adorned bookmarks, and home accents, such as votive holders, round out our selection. This year, Cashlin’s Creations has teamed up with the ASPCA and the Brockton Blue Dog Shelter for some lovely events, and we’ve been featured on sites such as Sweet Libertine! Custom orders are a mainstay of our business, and bartering with other vendors is welcomed. We accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard. Shop owner? Don’t hesitate to inquire about our wholesale prices.

Crooked Cottage

The Crooked Cottage has Pyrography (wood burning), custom pet portraits, boxes, handmade wire wrapped jewelry, quilts, other sewn and painted items.  All made by artesian of the Crooked Cottage.

Crystal and Stone Studio

Unique selenite crystal and stones jewelry and gifts all handmade one of a kind made by Nicki.

Diamonds and Dinosaurs

Fine quality crystals, tumbled stones, sterling gemstone rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and more. Unique gifts from around the world.

Earth Spirit Community

Information about EarthSpirit events and gatherings as well as CD’s by MotherTongue, our ritual performance troupe, and some of our individual artist.

Gaia’s Gems

Gaia Gems offers a unique way to work cooperatively with the mineral kingdom and the elements to help bring about personal and planetary healing. “It is in loving the Earth that we are here.” Orgonite carries many items of all shapes and sizes and designs.  This serves to protect against harmful EMF’s in the environment and also assist one’s personal healing journey and planetary healing.  In addition we offer Aura prayers and medicine cards.

Glorious Dragon

A small home-based craft business that specializes in fantasy, pagan and renaissance inspired wire and bead work  jewelry, ritual items, curios and assorted “shiny things”.

Healthy Feet Solutions

Healthy Feet Solutions dynamic massaging orthotic insoles increase circulation, provide immediate pain relief of feet, knees, hips, lower back and eases pain caused from Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuropathy, Bunions, Corns and Calluses. Our insoles balance and align, absorb 85% of the bodies weight, provide all day comfort and can fit in any shoe, boot or skate.  Making them the most versatile orthotic available.

Heavenly Light Crystal Creations

Uniquely handmade  crystal Sun catchers, pendulums and necklaces using natural stone crystal prisms infused  with Reiki healing energy.

Jenna Greene Lady Music

Singer – Songwriter – Harpist – Sound Healer
Jenna Greene, “The Greene Lady”, is a weaver of musical myth and magic. With a voice that is both ethereal and soulful, she sings of ancient lore, finding wonder and following dreams. She beautifully interlaces her Celtic, World Folk and New Age influences to create a presentation of haunting ballads, drum-driven dance tunes, lilting harp and mythic story. Jenna is currently celebrating the release of her fifth album, “Wings,” a collection of songs about hope and transformation. You can find Jenna performing at Celtic, Cultural, Faerie, Goddess, Renaissance, Natural Living and Holistic Healing festivals. She also performs for weddings and other special occasions. When Jenna is not performing, she teaches workshops on the healing powers of music and myth.

Ladye Morgandy HP

Ladye Morgandy HP (Wendy Medeiros) is an Intuitive hereditarily witch and Ordained High Priestess with over 40 years experience using her gifts and wisdom to help others. She will be offering Crystal and Oracle Card readings &  mini Tuning fork sessions .

She will also be offering a free workshop on Crystals, properties, uses & care .

Oona’s Glen

Oona’s Glen hand crafts soy and bees wax candles with dried herbs. Each candle is hand poured and mixed for a perfect blend. Each item is Reiki charged.

One Path Labyrinth Ventures

Owner, Tracy Andryc creates ceramic finger labyrinths in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy.  Each piece is a handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness.  She also offers other ceramic spiritual tools such as smudge pots, rattles, votive and offering bowls, all with labyrinth designs.  For more information, visit her website at:

Phoenix Lightworks

Kaile Dutton is an Advanced Thetahealer , Master Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Medium, Sound Healer and Animal Communicator. Her focus is to provide healing to help all walks of life, for all stages of life with her transformative readings and healing facilitations.  As she calls it, she “steps into Spirit” to ask for all information to come forward for your lightest and brightest self and facilitates all healings and messages with the aid and instruction of Spirit and the guides and ancestors.

The Robin’s Nest

Where Magick Meets Community!
We welcome you to enjoy everything that we have to offer at The Robin’s Nest… Friendship, Community, Creativity, Unique Gifts, Custom Crafted Potions & Wares, Magickal & Ritual Items, Divination Materials, Candles, Crystals, Specialty Designed Clothing, Ritual Wear and more! We are also proud to offer World Class Workshops and Gatherings by Passionate and Knowledgeable Instructors and Readers that stir the Spirit to Inspire the Magickally Minded and Curious alike! Come visit The Robin’s Nest, your new home away from home.

Rowanoak Wiccan Wizard

Pychic/Tarot Reader

Sacred Healing Drums

It is with great honor that we pass along these drums to you. Each drum has been infused with spiritual healing energy, John of God energy, Shamanic spiritual prayer and many other healing modalities & rituals.  The intention and energy that is in each of the drums is to promote peace, love, healing, clarity, awareness, and much more.  And continues for your highest good with grace and ease.   Each of these drums have become part of our family and they now need a good home where they will be respected and their voice will be heard.


Handcrafted soap made from all natural ingredients  and essential oils and family grown dried herbs. Stop on by we smell great!

Soothing Sensations Reiki

We are a small energy healing center located in Westport, MA. our services include Reiki, Full Spectrum Healing. Reflexology, structural energy balancing, multi-dimensional crystal healing, Theta technique energy healing, aromatherapy and aura photography. We sell crystals, wire wrap pendants, crystal jewelry, incense sage, essential oils, aromatherapy blends, Angel & Oracle cards, candles, salt lamps and herbal teas.

The Enchanted Forest

Home of the Loon Witch and Brother Granite. A local New Age Nook for Readings , Holistic Healing, Classes, and More.  We offer tarot, rune, aura readings, reiki, and aromatherapy. Stop by to see what’s in the cards for you!

Victoria Greenia, Biofield Therapist

Using tuning forks, Victoria works through the electromagnetic field around your body. Thoughts and emotions, particularly trauma, get stored in pockets in your field that can not only create unhelpful patterns informing you throughout life, it can also manifest as pain. Client is fully clothed and either lying on a massage table or sitting in a chair. Not good for people who: have cancer, are pregnant or have a pace maker.

The festival price is $1 per minute. Blocks will be offered as 20-minute a session which is about what it takes to work with one, maybe two chakras. Using a pendulum, we can discover what area your body wants work on most or we can encourage the opening of the chakras with weighted forks and crystals.