2017 Guest Speaker




Brother Granite

Bio: Brother Granite, a 20 year active Awasos Aqueni Ceremonialist and Abenaki Native American.  Brother Granite has a unique bond with Animal Totems. It is through this relationship and his Sacred Artifacts that allow him to help others find guidance through Totem Bone Readings.  Brother Granite is a renowned Storyteller of over 14 years.  He is a presenter of Story-Telling Drum Programs that educate as well as entertain while utilizing Intertribal Folklore and song.  A wise teacher, counselor and Reiki Master, Brother Granite considers his Path a joy to walk.


Sacred Art of Drumming

Join Brother Granite, an Inter-Tribal Native American Drum Keeper to learn about the sacred tradition of Native American Drumming.  The Drum has a long history, diverse among the many tribes of this country, as well as indigenous cultures around the world.  Brother Granite has been a drum keeper of sacred tradition for 10 years.  In this workshop/ performance listen to some inter-tribal songs and learn how the drum is used as a sacred vessel of prayer and medicine.  Learn some folklore about the sacred drum, understand the power of drumming prayer and medicine,

Medicine in Action

Join our Keynote Speaker; Inter-tribal Native American Brother Granite for his Medicine In Action Workshop:  We are all Creator’s Children walking many paths and sharing one journey.  Learn how Brother Granite’s Native Path has crossed the boundaries of Inter-Tribal Native American Spirituality, Wicca, Paganism, and Holistic Healing and how You can follow your true spiritual path with the sacred in every day.